by Medicine Bow

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Elias Williamson
Elias Williamson thumbnail
Elias Williamson Medicine Bow are the cutest and sweetest bunch of Wyomingans in all of Wyoming and they write some nice emo music. Favorite track: Horology.
Brian Buitrago
Brian Buitrago thumbnail
Brian Buitrago Easiely one of my favorite records. They carry this soothing-uplifting energy that surges straight through your bones. Clever/raspy guitar progressions, along rhythmic drums and bass. The vocals are the carriage that carry you gently; as it all takes over. Its easy to see why these guys will get you hooked right from the start. I bought a tree vinyl off these guys a little while ago. Best decision I've ever made. Now to see how much they've grown, since then is amazing. Keep up the good work Wyoming. You're giving birth to some amazing music. Give tiger lily a listen. You won't regret it. Favorite track: Tiger Lily.
Jackie Lain
Jackie Lain thumbnail
Jackie Lain Great lyrics, catchy riffs and an amazing effort all around. Already on my list for best records of the year. After a great release with Tree, Medicine Bow took it a step forward. This LP is gonna go far! Favorite track: Sinic.
Gary Sleith
Gary Sleith thumbnail
Gary Sleith I can't get over the progression from the P.S. 118 split back in 2013, to the awesome Tree record from last year and now this. With Medicine Bow, Madison Marquer is doing something truly special. His vocal delivery has grown & matured, while the music still has the same irrepressible energy it always has, every song is catchy as hell - credit must go to Katherine, Niko & Charlie, the musicians Madison has attracted to work with him. I hope these guys never stop making music together. Favorite track: Horology.
Nitram thumbnail
Nitram The vocals have changed a lot since Tree. At times it's hard to believe this is still Madison Marquer. HOWEVER this still sounds like the Medicine Bow I regular enjoy listening to. Sb-129 is pure brilliance Favorite track: Sb-129.
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Recorded in Laramie, Wyoming at Bummer Man Studios early 2015 with Kaleb Richey.

Guitars/Vocals were done by Madison Marquer
Guitars were also played by Katherine Landvogt
Drums were played by Charlie O'Neil
Bass was played by Niko Kolis

All songs were written by Madison Marquer


released May 1, 2015

So many cool people to thank! Friends from near and far. Here are a few of them. Old Sport, justinedrugs, Caged Bird Songs, stoic, Boats Without Oars, Alaska, The Family Bed, Andrew Mcshan, Evan Kallas, Seneca Riggins, American Haiku, Billy Philhower, Callum Browne, Josh Milligan, Good Post Day Records, Trey Hanawalt and so many others. Thanks for being the best people we know.

Album art courtesy of NASA and STScI



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Medicine Bow Wyoming

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Track Name: Everything is Nothing
mash em together
im completely dormant
i'll die young
plaque is in my veins
tar is in my lungs
quantum physics
ten dimensions
our brains
can't comprehend it

The sun explodes
in 4.5 billion years
but the earth will be gone before then

because of this
what's the point
of anything!?
we are void
we are cipher
write nothing on me
we are nullity
Track Name: Tiger Lily
Tiger Lily
you are so beautiful
now that you've blossomed

Tiger Lily
I would have plucked you from the cold ground
if I knew you'd let me

Why did you move
back to Kansas
my dear

You're just like Dorothy
you can tap your red shoes
and disappear

but I did not weep
but I did not weep
Track Name: Horology
This weight on me
is more than I asked for
open space spans endlessly
I can't grasp
how were thriving at all

Our race is one
too bad were misdirected
I'll find time to love my brothers
a wink and a smile
and I'll be gone before you know
Track Name: Dagon Strat
I have problems with my past actions
and I have issues with my self esteem

So I sat on top of a mountain
looking down
at the valley below
gathering the courage to face
my daemons alone

Look within and find the fortitude to rise
Existence is unstained so relish your duration
Track Name: Brannon Magic
Although I try
I tend to fail
I can't paint beautiful landscapes
with invisible ink
you can lead a cat to water
but it's hard to make it bathe

And it's hard
to not know the forecast
even if I'm blind
I'll right the wrongs
I step lightly with my words
for words hold so much power
and even still no words describe
my feelings

Yer old dads winch
couldn't free the thoughts
that handle of liquor
couldn't loosen the rocks
I can't articulate what I'm saying
I can't articulate what I'm saying

Actions speak louder than words
so what am I worried about
to act alone by yourself
is to know your limits

So i'll use these futile lines
to best describe how i'm living
but if you look inside
you'll find
warmth and friendship

I wanna gaze into your eyes
unlock your mind
I will find that hidden treasure
but I promise that I'll be gentle
Track Name: Rugged
your edges are jagged
I wanna see what's hiding underneath
a well concealed guise
a queen in your hive
I feel no envy toward you

Your ruse if fooling no one
externally as strong as steel
internally as hard as jelly
even it out
even it out

Who am I to judge flaws in character
and who am I to say I'm better
at least I'm myself
be yourself

You're not fooling anyone
we can see right through
I just wanna find
the merit in you

If you wanna be loved
you must first love yourself
don't romanticize

It's not how you dress
You're not under duress
stick true
to yourself
Track Name: Sb-129
hella sherddin du
Track Name: Sinic
You can call me a cynic
for not believing without seeing
but what I truly admire
is a strong sense of self
my future is not guided
by a spirit above me
so trust in your instincts
and follow your guts

I have yet to find god
cuz there's no god to find
why would you want one
to ease saying good bye

death scares me
living in a monarchs kingdom
for all of eternity

and I don't believe
in reincarnation
the idea of a past life
is silly to me

no ultimate truth
will be revealed to you
Track Name: Water Chaser
A quick struggle
a scuffle that knock you down to the ground
this war forged from the firs inside
how could you attempt to win

The first sip
you slip quietly to your place
your hands begin to numb
your fears slowly recede

Hours later
empty cylinders line your walls
confidence is running through your veins
you've become desensitized

you're fading away
you're fading away
it's turning black
there's no turning back

Pass the bottle and a glass of water
you can leave your present being

Internal conflict how do you rise above it
leaving your body inst helping
I know that it's easy for you

Once again I preach strength from within
know that I believe in you

When it's all said and done
do what makes you happy
but be wise
cuz I'd hate to lose a friend